Make Multimedia Timelines With Dipity

This service is no longer available.

Dipity is a great timeline creation tool that allows users to incorporate text, images, and videos into each entry on their timeline. Dipity also incorporates a mapping feature which allows users to place a Google Maps bookmark related to the topics the timeline covers. Like most good web tools, Dipity has a collaboration option and has multiple options for sharing products publicly or privately. Each entry to a Dipity timeline can include multiple types of media which allows users to add more detail and information than can be included in a traditional timeline.

Setting up a Dipity timeline is very quick and easy. Adding pictures is an easy browse and upload process. Adding videos is a simple matter of copying and pasting the url of the video to be added to a timeline event. Adding a map is again just a matter of copying and pasting the url of the map to be included in the timeline event. This makes the creation process a little easy for students than trying to copy and paste large sections of an embedding code.

Applications for EducationDipity timelines add new valuable additions to the timeline creation process. Creating timelines with Dipity allows students who may struggle with writing create a multimedia product they can be proud of. Including appropriate videos can help students convey the significance of an item on their timelines.

The option of adding Google Map placemarks is a great tool for students building timelines of wars. For example, US History students could build a timeline of the Civil War and add a Google Map placemark for each battle of the war.


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