Free Technology For Teachers: Earth Day 2008 – Snapshots of Spring

Ron Kroetz, who produces Tech Teacher Live, shared couple of great resources and ideas on his most recent podcast. The Institute for Global Environmental Strategies is conducting an essay and photography contest for the Earth Week 2008 (April 22-29). The contest is open to students in grades 5 through 8. The photos should reflect change in the students’ local environment. Along with the photo submission students should submit a short essay addressing these questions:
1. What is the change taking place in your photograph?
2. What may be causing the change?
3. Was the change expected?
4. How might the change impact surrounding area, including people?
5. How might this picture look different in the future?

Applications for Education
As Ron suggests in his podcast this contest could provide lessons for students in English, Art, and Science. The Institute for Global Environmental Strategies has a great educator and parent page providing lesson plans and reference materials for students.

Check out Tech Teacher Live for more great podcasts from Ron Kroetz.


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