Free Technology For Teachers: CaptainU

CaptainU is a new website for high school soccer players hoping to play in college. CaptainU provides a forum for students to market themselves to college coaches and connect with other students hoping to play collegiate soccer, but aren’t quite good enough to be recruited by top-tier programs. CaptainU provides students with a host of information about various colleges and their athletic departments.

Application for Education
CaptainU is a resource for guidance counselors, coaches, and athletic directors trying to help student athletes select a college. The information about academics and financial aid present student athletes with a realistic picture of their options. CaptainU is a free service unlike the numerous companies out there that essentially act as marketing agents for high school athletes.

Here is a video introduction to CaptainU’s services.

A stroll through CaptainU – Player Edition from CaptainU on Vimeo.


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