Free Technology For Teachers: Wicked Decent Learning podcasts

Wicked Decent Learning just released their tenth podcast! Wicked Decent Learning podcasts are about an hour long and cover many topics related to technology integration and education in general. Those of you outside of New England, USA may not be aware that the term “wicked” means something is very good to New Englanders. The podcasts are produced by two Maine teachers, Jeff and Dan, and the podcasts are indeed “wicked decent.” I’ve enjoyed the podcasts for a couple of months now and have described them to my colleagues as Tim Sample discussing real education issues.

Here is how Jeff and Dan describe their podcast and accompanying blog.
“Like the fair loon that swims with the best of them but has serious issues and looks awfully goofy when trying to get airborn, a new education podcast has taken flight in the podcast-o-sphere and the blog-o-sphere: Wicked Decent Learning. Created by two practicing educators, Wicked Decent Learning examines issues in education of importance to Maine and the world beyond. Each episode features a discussion as well as a number of integration suggestions related to technology, literacy and media. And, ayuh, we throw our fair share of western Maine shenanigans into the mix, too.”

Wicked Decent Learning is available through iTunes as well as on Jeff and Dan’s blog,

You can also access the Wicked Decent Learning podcasts at


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