What is Twitter? Using Twitter for Teaching

I’ve discussed using Twitter in the past. You can read about using Twitter in the classroom here or here.

Applications for Educators
The following is an excerpt from a previous post I wrote about using Twitter in the classroom.
“Twitter is a program that allows students to create miniature blogs in a format that most teenagers are familiar with, instant messaging. Twitter limits each entry to 140 characters (about the length of this writing so far) before the entry is saved and made viewable to others. Other Twitter users can then respond to the original twit. This is a great way to get reluctant writers or students who are having trouble getting ideas for creative writing to brainstorm with each other.”

It doesn’t take long to set up a Twitter account. I set up my account in a minute. My students set up their accounts in about the same amount of time.

The video I’ve posted today, explains Twitter is simple terms.


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