Free Technology For Teachers: Scriblink- Your Online Whiteboard

Scriblink is a new online collaboration tool. Scriblink is essentially a whiteboard with an integrated instant messaging system. Scriblink users can draw, type, or edit images on a whiteboard. Users have the option of sharing their whiteboard with others and allowing other users to collaborate on the whiteboard. Scriblink does not require you to set up an account or register in order to use the whiteboard. Simply enter the email address of the person you want to collaborate with and then they can join in on the fun. Every whiteboard created on Scriblink is assigned a url which you can use to share your whiteboard.

Applications for Educators
Scriblink is an easy way to share notes, outlines, and drawings with students. Invite students to collaborate on an online whiteboard to work through difficult math problems or brainstorm on the completion of a graphic organizer.


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