Free Technology For Teachers: Picturing America

Picturing America is a project of the National Endowment for the Humanities and the American Library Association. Picturing America features galleries of classic American artwork. Picturing America is currently accepting applications from schools and libraries to receive twenty high quality, laminated reproductions of the images in the Picturing America gallery. Recipients will also receive supplementary teaching guides with the reproductions.

Applications for Educators
Even if you’re not selected to receive a set of reproductions the Picturing America website still has useful resources for teachers. The Picturing America website has galleries of images that visitors can view for free. The educator section of the Picturing America website has many teaching guides available as free downloads.
Students can learn a lot on their own by visiting the Picturing America galleries. Clicking on an image reveals background information about the image as well as links to more information about the image and the artist.


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