Free Technology For Teachers: My Contribution to the Passion Quilt 08

Over the weekend Marie Coppalaro nominated me to participate in the Passion Quilt 08. I wasn’t familiar with the project so I did a little reading about the Passion Quilt then added an image myself. The basic idea of the Passion Quilt is to gather a collection of images from teachers that represent what teachers are passionate about. I’m not a real “touchy – artsy type” so I added an image of a diagram charting the benefits of students using blogs. I choose to add the image because it does a good job of capturing in small phrases all of the benefits of students using blogs that I try to share with others. Looking through the images in the quilt revealed a lot about what teachers around the world are passionate about sharing with their students. One of the reflections I made while looking at the quilt is that regardless of grade level or content area all teachers are passionate about teaching.
Part of the participating in the Passion Quilt is to nominate others for participation. I’m nominating Jeff Bailey (Wicked Decent Learning), Ron Kroetz (Tech Teacher Live), Steve Koekler (an awesome technology instructor), and Jim Wells (another awesome technology instructor).


Thank You Readers for 14 Amazing Years!