Free Technology For Teachers: Hooray for Free Cake! (not exactly)

Harcourt Trade Publishers is giving away for free, while supplies last, a nice kit of classroom resources to K-3 teachers. The kit provides materials to compliment the children’s book, A Birthday Cake is no Ordinary Cake, written by Debra Frasier. If you’re a K-3 teachers and would like to get one of these kits, click here to submit your request and learn more about the book.

I do not know anything about this book other than what I’ve read on the Harcourt website. Here is the synopsis of the book that Harcourt provides on their website.


Welcome aboard our spinning Earth as it travels on its immense journey around the Sun. Bring a bowl–and come along! Help collect the ingredients for a cake as big as a year, and see how every circle around the Sun . . . equals one. One what? One birthday cake!

For fifteen years, On the Day You Were Born has been the classic book to welcome new babies into the world. Now, this jubilant companion celebrates every year thereafter in the life of a child–and of our great green planet Earth.

Includes delicious cake and frosting recipes, explanations of how the years are marked in nature, and a section called “How many days to your birthday?” so kids can actually find their own special day.


Thank You Readers for 14 Amazing Years!