Free Technology For Teachers: Google Custom Search Engine

Google’s list of great resources for teachers keeps growing, the latest application that teachers will find useful is the Custom Search Engine. I might be a little behind the curve on mentioning Google’s Custom Search Engine, but I can’t be too far behind as the application is still in Beta. The Google Custom Search Engine allows you to specify the websites that will be used in a search. Your Custom Search can be placed on your blog or website.

Here is a short video about setting up a Google Custom Search Engine.

Applications for Educators
The Google Custom Search Engine is a great application for teachers. By specifying the websites that are returned in the search results you can ensure that the results your students see are safe and relevant. Installing a Google Custom Search Engine into your blog or website is a simple matter of copying and pasting a few lines of code. If you user Blogger or Google Pages it is even easier, just add a new element.


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