XTimelines- Collaborative Multi-Media Timelines

XTimeline is the web application I’ve been searching for for quite some time. As a social studies teacher I am truly excited about using XTimeline with my students and I think my students will be excited to use it.

XTimeline is a collaborative time line creation tool. Yes, there are others available, but none are as good as this. XTimeline gives users the option to include photos, videos, text, and web links within each entry of the timeline. After creating a timeline the creators can invite people to comment on and discuss the timeline. Think of it as Youtube for timelines. Timelines created with XTimeline can be easily embedded into another website like a blog or a wiki for example. Below I have included an example of a timeline created about the history of Jazz created using XTimeline.

Applications for Educators
Timelines have long been a standard project in classrooms. XTimeline is a new twist on the old standard. Students will be engaged in usin
g XTimeline because it allows them to create academic projects in their “language.” The websites most popular with students today have many layers of media. XTimeline gives students the chance to sow what they know in a style that they are familiar with and enjoy.
I’m planning to use XTimeline with my students when they return from winter break. I’ll report back on here about the students’ level of engagement with XTimeline.


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