Free Technology For Teachers: MIT for Free- Courses and Resources for High School Students

For quite a while MIT has made available for free the course materials including lecture notes for over 1800 of their courses through their Open Course Ware website. Click here to see the course New Media Literacies available right now. Some of the books cited for the courses are available as free downloads while other books have to be purchased for

Recently MIT began offering a similar Open Course Ware site designed for high school students and teachers. The website is called Highlights for High School. The Highlights program is designed for college bound students to get exposure to introductory level (100 level) college courses. Click the image below to watch an introductory video from MIT about the Highlights program.

Applications for Educators
The MIT Highlights website is a great resource for high school teachers. The video section of the MIT Highlights website not only provides a brief summary of the topic to be discussed, provides a list of the prior knowledge a student needs in order to comprehend the subject of the video. The website provides a list of lab activities and competitions appropriate for college bound high school students. Finally, MIT provides a list of Advanced Placement course resources that teachers should find useful.


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